PO Cruises allow man to take photos of kids

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A man was taking photos of very young girls in the spa, it was reported by the parents of these girls as well as another adult witness, security video proves it too.

The head of security decided that the girls were lying before he saw the video.

I thought it was illegal to take photos of children who where not yours. Apparently not, after a police report and detectives entering the ship to interview the caption and perp the photos were deleted. The caption then let the perp back on the boat - with hundreds of other kids on board.

PO Cruises where is your duty of care???????????????????

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PO Cruises - Injustice

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i am a crew working for P&O cruises.my designation is a waiter and i m writing this letter on behalf of my all restaurant mates.

since past few months there has been a considerable change in company's attitude towards the crew. we are currently working on M V Azura. we were waiters in the Meridian restauant (freedom dinning)for the Christmas cruise(Dec 10 to Jan 08). according to the gratuity system and tipping guide the waiters were supposed to receive and amount close to 600 GBP but eventually when the gratuity was declared it was just 411 GBP.

when asked about the cause for such low incentives, we were told that the passengers were not happy and they withdrew thier money. on the other hand we were told that meridian had better customer satisfaction scores than the other two restaurant- the Peninsular and the Oriental. the meridian waiters never get any proper account of why and how many passengers have withdrawn their money. there are plenty of things happening all over the ship.

if somwhere or the other if the passengers are not happy, it is the waiters who suffer as the passengers get a reason to withdraw. moreover, we also strongly believe that many leading hand officers are involved in this scandal, trying to grab the money which truly belongs to the hard working waiters. there is no one to hear us here, so we chose to raise a complaint directly to Carnival Corp. there are many more things happening all over the fleet in P&O cruise lines.

the crew, especially the waiters are in one way being exploited.we dont get the proper renumeration of what we are worth.

i hope some action will be taken in our favour, so that we who work away from our family and friends for months can have a peacefull and happy days ahead.

thanking you....

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